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An educational foundation has announced plans to distribute free books to US and UK schools to highlight the scientific and cultural legacy of Muslim civilisation.

1001 Inventions is the brainchild of the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) a network of academics dedicated to debunking the myth of the so-called Dark Ages of Civilization.

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ͧ 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World

˹ѧԪҡͧ 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World ѴŹԸ෤ Էʵ Ѳ (FSTC) Դ¤ԧǡѺäԴ ؤ͹ͧҧԷҡâͧѹ ͷ¡ѹ ؤ״¸ ѧ˹ѧ͹ЪʹѺʹعԴ Էʵ ѷ Ѳ դѹԴѹ

10 շҹ FSTC óçӻѵ 㹡ûдɰ Դ鹷ҧҹԷʵͧؤ èѡٵ 㹢зѡ͹ǢͧͶ㹾 Ԫ Թ óç ʹ Էҡͧ͵ҹѹ ˹ѧʹѧǨЪ͹֧֡ ؤ¢ͧʹ 1 ѹշ ʹͧ ʹѺʹع˹ҷҧԷҡ ͧǡѺؤ١Դѧҵʹ ж١Դ͹¡ ؤ״ ԧ ؤ¸㹨չ Թ šѺԭ֧ͧմش

çá˹ᨡ˹ѧ 3,000 ç¹ѧ͹˹ ¡ͧաúԨҤʹѺʹع¨ҡЪҪ FSTC ͧѧš ӡѴʹ ǡѺͧ ӹѡҹѧ ѺʹѺʹعҹԪҡèҡš

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