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Two female Kuwaiti MPs, Rola Dashti and Aseel Al-Awadhi, are defying the country's powerful Islamist movement by refusing to wear the hijab, or headscarf, in parliament.

The MPs, who were among the first four women to be elected to the country's National Assembly in May, have angered their Islamist colleagues, who say they say they are flouting sharia, or Islamic law.

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㹻 2005 ˭ԧԷ㹡͡ ŧѤѺ͡ҪԡҼ᷹ɮ  áػ ʵշԷ͡ ŧѤѺ͡ еͧԺѵԵѡڔ աᨡᨧ´ҧ Ѵਹ

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ѹҷԵ (11/10) ҹ . 蹢Ѱ٭ µͧõѴͤкӵ͡ ͡ Ѱ٭˹Ҿ㹡͡ դҤҧ˭ԧ- ǡѺ ѧաؤū觾ШйǢͧ㹷ء ѧҡʺ 㹡÷Ѱ٭ͧȶ١˹Ẻ ;еǨͺ 䢷ء繷ԴѰ٭

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